If you never run out of things to talk about in a long-distance relationship, hats off to you. 

Having a lot of communication with your LDR partner can make you go blank sometimes.

Especially over text. 

And it might get harder with time to find interesting things to talk about. 

But don’t let that bring you down. 

If your conversation lately has been going like this, how’s your day? And what are you doing? It’s time to change things up. 

You know the struggle long distance relationship running out of things to talk about.

This is sure to happen, not just in long-distance relationships. 

I vow for those solutions if you have no topics to talk about.

I used them in my LDR and I still do it during my partner’s work time. 

Is it normal to run out of things to talk about long distance?

Let’s address one thing here, whether you’re new in LDR or have been in one for a while now, it’s normal to run out of things to talk about once in a while. 

So it’s quite normal for that to happen. 

In the beginning, it’s normal to want to figure out your partner and their interests and everything about them. 

You even feel those butterflies at the beginning, But then it feels normal again. 

And if you communicate regularly soon you’ll have nothing to talk about, which is okay. 

Don’t feel stressed about it, instead, focus on reconnecting and finding solutions to make your long-distance healthy. 

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What to do when you and your long-distance partner have nothing to talk about?

 Before we get started with the solutions, I just want to be clear about this thing.

When you run out of things to talk about it here is what you need to keep in your mind 

1- Talk about it 

As simple as it may sound, this is gonna lead to more things to talk about. 

As soon as you feel your mind go blank and text the same things over and over again, open up to your partner. 

Explain how it’s challenging for you to talk about things, or find topics to talk about

Your partner will appreciate your honesty and might even give you topic ideas to talk about it. 

But the point is to communicate and don’t let it pop off, if you address it quickly it’ll create more bonds, and it’ll make you feel comfortable along the way. 

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2- Understand that it’s okay 

Yes, it’s okay in a long-distance relationship to run out of things to talk about. 

Especially If you have been in LDR for a while, you could have talked about everything from how’s the weather over there to facts about cow poop (Been there). 

At some point, you’ll be there and rather than feeling something is wrong, it’s important to know it’ll happen anyway. 

With relationships, not just long-distance relationships, this happens more than you think. 

3- Don’t be excessive 

When I say don’t be excessive, I don’t mean to reduce the amount you communicate. I mean, don’t be excessive with communicating every single hour, asking the same thing. 

How are you? And what are you doing? 

Not only this will create boredom, but it says you have nothing else to talk about. 

And you might say in your head, but I have nothing to talk about. 

That’s okay, it’s better to stay silent than to be this person who always has nothing to talk about, especially with your partner. 

If you feel there is nothing to say or to talk about, then leave it as that, don’t try to push it. 

This often leads to healthy communication, as over-communication might kill your relationship.

Avoid this mistake and you’ll save your relationship from headaches. 

Don't be exccesive when communicating with your LDR parnter

Why do I feel like we’re running out of things to talk about?

At the beginning of my 4 years of LDR, I felt there was nothing to talk about anymore. 

In fact, for some time we have only talked about GOT and as I almost finished watching the whole show, I felt there was nothing to talk about. 

This is why I advise you to break the routine, don’t make the same mistake of talking about the same thing over and over again. 

It’s okay to talk about similar interests, but you don’t want one topic to be your only way of communicating. 

If you feel you’re running out of things to talk about in your long-distance relationship, this could be the problem. 

Break the routine and find other common interests to talk about. 

I have joined at one point challenge to break the routine, it’s fun and a new way to spark new interests in your LDR. 

Is it common for couples to run out of things to talk about?

Now we’re getting to the meat of this blog post, it is common to run out of topics to discuss or things to share. 

I have used these 10 solutions when I ran out of things to talk about and this problem was long gone. 

10 solutions to try long-distance relationship running out of things to talk about

1- Share something of your day 

Here you’re walking around your neighborhood, and you see a beautiful toddler walking with their mom, and they’re demanding an ice cream. 

This sight might make you smirk or even have a little smile on your face, and then you forget about it. 

On the other hand, if your LDR partner was walking with you, and you saw the same thing, would you let it pass? Or would you talk about how cute that was with your partner?

In long-distance relationships, it’s easy to brush over things that might not sound interesting or to keep your relationship in that bubble of text messages and only talk about what are you being asked. 

But if you go to work, walk around a lot, or no matter what you do, there will always be these small things that give you a tingle that you might forget at the end of the day. 

Share it with your partner. 

No matter how insignificant it might sound, it helps your partner to know you better, the small things that make you who you are. 

Long distance relationship running out of things to talk about

2- Talk about weird habits/fetish

Yes, you read that right. 

In a new LDR, it might sound a bit over the top, but if you have been in a long-distance relationship for a while now, you can use this one. 

While in early LDR it’s important to be open and comfortable to talk about anything, it’s okay if you feel this is a bit of a stretch. 

I’m sure everyone has weird habits, this could be smelling your drinks before drinking, or it could be something extreme as making weird noises in your sleep. 

(Fun fact, those are my weird habits) 

This will make a story and spark up a conversation to talk about, and it’s another reason to think about your partner whenever you catch yourself doing your weird habit. 

3- Play questions game 

There is no doubt you’ll have nothing to do or talk about, you might even go for days talking about the same thing over and over again. 

Don’t reach that point. Instead, always have ideas to try together. 

Like this question games, it can range from asking basic questions to getting to know your LDR partner better. 

Or it could be the Never Have I Ever game. 

No matter what you choose, always make sure it’s interesting for you both. 

You don’t want to end up only picking topics that you like, but your partner is not that interested. 

Remember, this is for both of you, and you’re having this relationship with your partner. 

 There are so many different types of question games I have covered in this blog post long distance relationship question games 

3- Share A secret about you 

Another solution for a long-distance relationship, when running out of things to talk about, is to let the cat out of the bag. 

Again, if you’re not comfortable with any of the solutions, feel free to skip them. 

The main point is to take 1 or 2 ideas to try when you run out of topic. 

You can use any of them whenever you want to, but you don’t have to use them all together. 

Back to the topic. 

Sharing secrets about you with your partner has many benefits: It can deepen your relationship and trust. 

It also makes you vulnerable in front of your partner. 

It can be as simple as something innocent you did a while ago, or something you feel it’s more personal. 

Remember it’s important in your relationship to be trustworthy and to trust your partner, this is not only you sharing secrets. 

Your partner can take a turn too. 

This is a hard fact about a long-distance relationship to have trust early on. 

But when you’re both like an open book it will strengthen your relationship, and it’ll make you closer together no matter the distance. 

Share each other secrets

4- Talk about your common interests

There will be always something common you both have and never talked about before. 

When you find common interests, it can never get boring to talk about them. 

Just make sure not to talk about it to the point where it’s only the one thing you talk about. 

Mix it with your every day to day texts to keep the conversation going. 

5- Pick a theme 

If the previous solutions are not enough for you or you want more, this solution will come in handy. 

Picking a theme is choosing one theme to talk about. 

And yes, it’s different from talking about the same interest over and over again. 

There is a difference between talking about your favorite show and what happened every day and talking about lifestyle or relationship topics. 

When choosing a theme to talk about, it’s wise to have questions beforehand to discuss. 

Feel free to share it with your partner and ask them if they would be interested in talking about something like that. 

Remember, this is not only about you, it’s also about your partner. 

Even if you feel like you do all the work of searching for what to talk about, it’s still mutual communication. 

Themes to talk about:

  • Friends.
  • Relationships. 
  • Lifestyle/Beliefs.
  • Family. 
  • Life experience. 

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6- Write things to talk about later

How many times do you watch something on TV and you go like, yes, I wanna do that?

I know I did. 

Movies can be your solution when you run out of topics to talk about. 

Make sure to keep whatever idea you get on a note for things to talk about later. 

This will come in handy when the day comes, or you can even use it anytime you want. 

It’ll surely keep your communication healthy and never boring. 

write all your ideas down to use later when you run out of things to talk about

7- Talk about pet peeves

Pet peeves. We all have them. 

And you only notice it once it happens. 

You don’t want one day when the day comes to meet for the first time to find out your partner is doing one of your pet peeves or the opposite. 

So this is not only for when you run out of things to talk about in your long-distance, but it’s also another way to save yourself from open mouth later. 

8- Take a break 

This solution might sound counterintuitive to the whole idea of finding topics to talk about, but it’s still a solution. 

You’ll have days for when you run out of energy, not necessarily running out of ideas to talk about. 

It’s more important to never push things or force them, as forcing can be toxic, and your partner can pick up on that energy. 

A simple massage to your partner, letting them know what’s going on, is the best solution you can do when dealing with this problem. 

When it passes, you’ll suddenly have more things to talk about with your partner. 

9- Make a goal list 

The goal list is not this luxury or having to invest in materials or anything. 

It can be texting each other back and forth about goals you both have. 

In your LDR, it’s important to have a goal together. Discuss things you hope to accomplish with your partner. 

Whether that’s meeting for the first time, or planning a trip together. 

Whatever your goals are, you can never run out of things to talk about. 

Make a goal list to share with your partner

10- Ask them about what makes them happy

When life happens, you forget about important things, and you just keep doing the same thing over and over again. 

And you might forget about this one thing, what makes your partner happy? 

This will help you to know your partner and also will create a conversation to talk about from now on. 

Remember, the solutions are not for when you’re only aware of running out of things to talk about, but they last for the duration of your relationship. 

You could talk about the same topic every day and never get bored, or you feel that the only way that you can conquer the distance is by connecting and talking about different things. 

In long-distance relationships, it’s important to know that communication is your best solution, you don’t want to be the person who always thinks there is a problem to fix while there is nothing there at all. 


More often than you can realize in long-distance relationships, it is quite common in long distance relationship running out of things to talk about.

Your relationship won’t be impacted by how often you have nothing to talk about, on another hand it can lead to bigger issues. 

Keep those solutions around you, and you will never run out of topics to talk about. 

Share your ideas below of which solution made you talk for hours.


Hi, I'm Amira, and I've been in a long-distance relationship for four years. I know how tough and fun it can be to love someone far away. I made this blog to share what I've learned and help new long-distance couples. Let's make being far from each other feel a little easier.