Finally, you and your long distance partner plan on meeting for the first time long distance relationship. 


If you come to this phase in your long distance relationship, this is a huge milestone that you need to celebrate. 

I understand that you’re excited and you can’t wait for that to happen. 

And you might be nervous, which is totally normal. 

Long distance couple holding hands together after meeting for first time

If your head is filled with all sorts of questions on what should you expect on meeting for the first time, what to prepare, and all that stuff, you’re in the right place. 

I was once in this place and I didn’t search much or plan accordingly but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I’m not telling you not to plan or prepare cause anything can happen really. 

But sometimes doing less is more. 

Meeting for the first time in long distance relationship will have a huge step on your relationship for the better or worse. 

Let’s get started!

How long should you be in a long-distance relationship before meeting?

Before going into detail about meeting for the first time in long distance relationship, this is an important question to ask. 

This depends on different factors like time zone, how far you are, and your work schedule. 

But also it depends on how your long distance relationship is progressing with time. 

You could be talking nonstop for months but you don’t feel that connection yet, that you’re ready to meet. 

This is why it’s important to keep checking in with your long distance partner about when you should meet. 

Every long-distance couple is different. 

So, there is no universal answer on how long should you wait before meeting for the first time in long distance relationship.

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How long should you wait to meet someone you met online long distance?

Believe it or not, you already know the answer. 

To make it easier for you, if you answer the following questions with yes, then take this as a huge sign to plan your first meeting in long distance relationship. 

  • Do you face/video call at least once a week?
  • Does your family know about them?
  • Can you talk about anything and everything?
  • Do you trust your long distance partner?
  • Do you have at least one mutual friend?

Meeting someone you met online long distance can be very scary and exciting at the same time. 

It’s true this person could be a catfish, which is the ugly truth. 

But aside from that there are many things to consider before meeting with someone you met online. 

When is the right time for meeting for the first time in a long distance relationship?

1. Communication matters

How often you communicate is an important indicator of how your long-distance relationship is progressing. 

While the quality of your communication matters more than the quantity, but it’s still as important to keep communicating. 

It’s also important to note that one day of no communication doesn’t necessarily mean things have gone wrong. 

Communication over the phoneis important in long distance relationship

Think about your communication in this way.

Does it flow normally?

Do you text any time of the day?

Do you expect when is the other person going to reply?

Can you talk about anything? 

Answering these questions will give you an insight into how your communication with the other person is going. 

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2. How did you meet 

Another important indicator before meeting for the first time in a long distance relationship is how did you meet? 

Yes, here is why.

If you saw the person before going on a long distance, it’s gonna vary from someone who you met online. 

There will be completely different aspects to look into compared to someone you met online. 

In my long distance relationship, we have already met before this all started. 

Yours can be different, but it doesn’t mean that anything will go wrong. 

3. Where are you in the world? 

If you live 2 hours away or you’re in the same country, it’s gonna be much easier to plan your meeting for the first time. 

Verses to another couple who lives on different continents (As do I). 

This will play a huge part when you will meet for the first time. 

You’ll have different things to care of: 

  • Did you fly before?
  • Does the country require a visa?
  • Where will either of you stay? 
  • Is it a different culture than your own culture? 

And much more. 

Which is why it’s less complicated for couples who happen to live in the same country. 

For me, we waited 3 years to meet for the first time in long distance relationship. 

There is no specific time for how long you should be in long distance relationship before meeting for the first time. 

However, you need to understand that going further in long distance relationship without meeting will affect you mentally and will challenge you in different ways. 

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4. At least you call and video call

Getting your point across through text is enough challenge. 

In long distance relationships, it’s important to have other means of communication and not just rely on texting. 

If you have never called or video-called before meeting, this is a huge red flag. 

Not only will calling, or video call avoid getting catfished, but you’ll develop connections and improve communication throughout your long-distance relationship. 

5. Trust 

If you don’t trust your long-distance partner then there is no point in meeting at all. 

Trust takes time and it won’t just happen overnight. 

If you feel the trust you have is in the right place, then it’s time for your first meeting. 

6. Intimacy 

While it is challenging to feel intimacy while physically apart, this doesn’t mean you can’t have intimacy in a long-distance relationship. 

I’m not going to go into much detail about this one just because this isn’t the topic, but also it’s a personal topic. 

I recommend reading this blog post to learn how to strengthen your long-distance relationship

7. You have seen their family and friends 

Look I get it. 

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their long-distance relationship with their family and friends. 

But at least having an idea of friends and family of your long distance partner will build that trust, especially that first time you meet. 

8. You know their work schedule

At this point, you would have known their work schedule, their routine, and everything in between. 

This doesn’t mean that if you don’t know it, you can’t meet. 

I have seen on Facebook that couples meet after 6 months only. 

But again, this depends on how your long distance relationship is going. 

What should I do when I meet my long-distance relationship for the first time?

Okay, so you decided to meet for the first time in long distance relationship. 

Now your head is filled with what should you do when you meet, what to expect, and all that. 

Tips on Meeting for the first time long distance relationship 

1. Plan together 

Planning your meeting together no matter who is visiting is crucial. 

Not only does it set expectations, but it’ll also help to resolve issues if something comes up during the process. 

Let me explain. 

If visiting your long-distance partner’s country requires a visa, then you can decide if you would need help that’s going to make it easier for you. 

If you prefer to do it on your own then it’s totally fine. 

But it helps to involve your partner in the process, to make things more manageable. 

2. Talk about your expectation 

Again, before meeting for the first time in long distance relationship, you have to set up your expectations beforehand. 

This means that if there is something that you won’t be comfortable with talk about it. 

You don’t want to meet full of high expectations then everything ends up going south. 

This is why it’s important to discuss your expectations regarding your relationship, your visit, and what will happen during your stay. 

3. Decide on your itinerary 

If you have never been in your long distance partner’s country before or even the state, there sure will be new places to discover. 

You don’t want the whole visit to only depend on you just having dates and spending time together. 

While that’s okay if you don’t have much time.

If you have enough time make sure to plan an itinerary. 

Before I even planned to visit my then-long-distance partner, I had a full list of places that I wanted to see. 

This helps to ease your mind during the process and it’ll be more fun to explore those places with your long-distance partner. 

4. Where will you stay 

One of the important things during your first meeting is to plan where will you stay.

I understand that in this day and age, it’s hard to trust anyone but again do what makes you comfortable and safe. 

If you want to stay with your long-distance relationship partner then do so. 

I know I read many articles about never staying with your long-distance relationship partner in case something goes wrong. 

But honestly, no one knows your long-distance partner more than you do. 

After many calls and video calls and building connections together, you’ll know what is best for you. 

And always go with your gut. 

5. Always update friends or family 

No matter how much you trust your long-distance partner, you never know when things end up going wrong. 

Not only that but if you’re flying in a different country it’s best to update as early as you can, cause you never know. 

Make sure to also share pictures and videos from your trip.

6. Enjoy every moment 

This is the best advice that I ever heard. 

You’ll be overwhelmed, probably tired from jetlag or shocked by a different culture. 

No matter what it is, make sure to enjoy every moment and build together memories everywhere. 

This is what will keep you connected and it’s fun to look back on those special moments. 

7. Don’t plan too much 

If it’s your first time traveling abroad you’ll want to plan everything. 


Yes, this is coming from experience. 

When you plan too much, you add so much expectation and when one thing goes wrong, you end up breaking down. 

On my second (And last) visit, we planned a lot, but everything changed. 

So, to avoid any disappointment, lower your expectations. 

8. What will happen next

While you don’t need to worry about that during your meeting for the first time in long-distance relationship, it’s important to keep this in mind. 

Do not wait until you go back to your home and sit on your phone to discuss future plans with your long-distance partner. 

Discuss this during your visit. 


Besides the obvious, talking about it face-to-face during your stay will make things in the future much easier. 

Not only that. 

If there are concerns or second thoughts about the future, you’ll be able to discuss it together and work it out. 

Is meeting important in long-distance relationship?

If you want to build a healthy long-distance relationship and want to make this work, then yes. 

Meeting is essential during long distance relationships. 

It doesn’t matter when, as long as it feels right for both of you. 

Some even meet for the first time in a long-distance relationship after years. 

That doesn’t have to be you though. 

If you’re both ready to meet after 6 months or less, then go for it. 

There is no timeline for when you should, or shouldn’t meet for the first time. 

Who should come to whom?

This depends on many things. 

Work schedule, visa process, budget, and who is more comfortable will determine who should visit whom. 

You need to discuss this with your long-distance partner. 

It’ll be easier if you’re ready to visit and the logistics are less complicated for you. 

While my situation was more complicated, I was the one who visited twice. 

So, it is simply a matter of what you both decide who will visit. 

How long should be the duration of the trip when meeting for the first time?

1. Your expectations 

When meeting for the first time in long distance relationship, set your exception right. 

That means how long you will be visiting or your partner’s visiting. 

Discuss this during your planning process and what you’re comfortable with. 

Again, if either of you flying internationally, it’s wise to plan 2 weeks of stay for many reasons. 

If the budget doesn’t allow it, no sweat. 

2. Flight duration 

If the flight duration is between 4 and 16 hours, then you need to keep that in mind. 

My flights are usually between 4 and 16 hours including transit, just because there are no direct flights. 

You’ll be tired and probably have a jetlag. 

And most likely for the first few days, you will feel off. 

So with that in mind, you’ll be able to determine the duration of the trip during the meeting for the first time. 

3. How long is your day’s allowance 

Another thing to consider when meeting for the first time in a long-distance relationship is if you’re working, then you most likely have a day allowance. 

It will be easier to determine how long the trip should be. 

Not only for you but for your long-distance partner, in case you’re planning to sightseeing together. 

Also, remember that you may need extra days off after meeting and going back home to let your body and mind relax. 

4. Work-wise 

Following the last point, if your work requires your physical presence all the time, it’ll be hard to have that much time. 

If you work remotely, like I used to, this changes everything. 

Again, this is not only about you but it’s also regarding your long-distance partner. 

Consider their work schedule as well when planning the duration of the visit. 

Meeting for the first time in a long distance relationship: Expectation

Now that you’re finally together, it will feel unreal. 

But it will be the best thing (hopefully) that ever happened to you. 

You’ll now build memories together as you advance in your relationship. 

Enjoy every moment and don’t sweat the small stuff.  

What to do together for meeting for the first time?

Now that you’re together for the first time, you can do whatever you are comfortable with. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Discover new sightseeing together. 
  2. Have a picnic day during summer. 
  3. Walk a lot during nighttime. 
  4. Watch movies together. 
  5. Play video games or any type of games. 
  6. Go hiking. 
  7. Lay under the stars. 
  8. Go to museums. 
  9. Go shopping together. 
  10. Cook your favorite dish together. 
  11. Go swimming. 
  12. Do spa together

I could go on, but you get the idea, that there is not just one thing you can do. 

Use the time that you have wisely and do the things you both love and that will connect you. 


Meeting for the first time in a long distance relationship will determine the course of your relationship. 

It doesn’t have to be scary at all.

If you’re both ready to take that step, then do it. 

No amount of information will make you take that huge step. 

But hopefully, after reading, you’re sure what to do next. 

Make sure to also share with your LDR partner what have you learned from reading this post to include them about that first meeting. 


Hi, I'm Amira, and I've been in a long-distance relationship for four years. I know how tough and fun it can be to love someone far away. I made this blog to share what I've learned and help new long-distance couples. Let's make being far from each other feel a little easier.  

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