Looking for the perfect creative birthday ideas for long distance relationship?

I know it’s painful and it feels lonely to spend time away from your loved ones, especially on their birthday. 

This is why I made sure that each birthday that comes up is to make it unique and creative. 

Creative birthday ideas for long distance relationships

In this post, I’ll share with you not only creative birthday ideas for long distance relationships but ideas that will make your long distance partner feel extra special on this day. 

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Creative birthday ideas for long distance relationship

These long distance birthday gift ideas work no matter where you or your partner lives.  

1- Moonpig cards

If you haven’t heard of Moonpig before I highly recommend you to check it out. 

They have about every occasion you can think of from birthday cards to care packages or even flowers. 

I only use it for birthday cards and it’s easy to customize it to your taste or your long distance couple’s taste. 

2- Personalized package 

I find this creative birthday idea for long distance relationship couples to be the best option, simply for 2 reasons. 

1 you don’t have to ship anything from your country. 

And 2 you save on time and money. 

All you need to do is do a bit of research to find the best birthday gift for them. 

Here are a few ideas you can start with:

  • Fill in the blank package + country.
  • Famous websites in their country for anything they might be interested in. (I used DM in Europe) 
  • Cakes and dessert stores. 

3- Amazon

Almost anything can be found on Amazon and they ship mostly everywhere. 

I used Amazon to send this handy dandy wallet as a birthday gift idea twice. 

I also used it to buy this couple’s gift for when we met for the first time during long distance. 

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4- Flower shop 

I would have used this creative birthday idea for a long distance only if my partner liked flowers. 

So only use it if you know they’re gonna appreciate it. 

Search for flower shops in (Their country) and choose from any results you get. 

Just make sure that everything can be done online and all you need to do is to pay with your card and that they have a delivery option. 

5- For geek gamers 

I’m a geek gamer (To a point) and would appreciate any kind of gift related to games. 

So if you know your LDR partner loves games this is the best birthday idea for them. 

Search for the most famous electronics retailers in their country and shop directly from there. 

I used a Big Bang electronics retailer which operates in Europe to buy a Christmas gift. 

6- Memories collection

Memories collage from different places to give to long distance relationship for birthday idea

One of my favorite creative ideas to use as a birthday gift in long distance relationships is to collect memories from places you visit in your countries. 

Before you go to your next unique spot in your country, prepare a note that says your partner’s name was here. 

And when you’re at that place take a photo of the note with the place you visit as a background. 

Do that for each place you visit. 

Then put it in a video or photo collage. 

You don’t have to be an expert in Photoshop, just use Canva and it works just as well. 

If you love editing photoshopping like I do make sure to get the premium version of Canva. 

I always use it to edit any kind of occasion to make great memories. 

7- Put your face somewhere 

I would have tried this unique birthday idea only if I knew it sooner. 

There are many websites all around the world where you can customize any picture you want on a pillow,  mug, or even a mouse pad. 

I saw one friend had his girlfriend’s face on a pillow.

He took it with him when he was on a 1-year long trip. 

So next time you know your LDR partner is visiting you can prepare this creative birthday idea to use when you’re a long distance. 

8- Personalized video 

This works best if you have memories together. 

But if you don’t have any memories together yet just use photos only your partner send to you,  and personalize them however you want on Canva. 

9- The adventure couple 

The number of times I have seen this adventure couple book is more than I can count. 

It works best as a birthday gift idea for your long distance partner and you’re planning to visit each other soon. 

It’s a book full of adventure to try with your partner for the little time you have together. 

It makes such a unique birthday gift. 

Creative birthday ideas long distance relationship

10- Map

If you really want to wow your partner and make their special day extra special, I highly recommend this creative birthday idea in a long distance relationship.

Simply put your and your partner’s country, special date you have and any text you want to write. 

Here is an example. 

Long distance birthday gift idea

You can also check Etsy for something similar I like this one and this one

Personally I did it myself cause as I mentioned I love designing. 

So if you’re that type of person and want to put in the effort you can use Canva to design your own map

Then you can go to any digital store to print it out for you on a frame. 

You can either ship it or keep it with you until you meet. 

11- Subscription

If your partner loves watching movies and shows, why not purchase a 1 month subscription for them?

And if you want them to feel extra special you can choose an appropriate package for them. 

It’s a quick birthday gift idea for your long distance partner.

Not only they’ll appreciate this birthday gift but it will make them think extra of you. 

12- Two Time Zone Clock

If you love shopping from Etsy then this customized clock is one of the best birthday ideas for you. 

I didn’t have to purchase this type of gift because we were in the same time zone. 

But, if you have a time zone difference it’s worth considering it for you or your partner. 

13- Etsy

I think Etsy deserves its own section that’s why I included it. 

You can find lots of custom-made gift ideas for long distance couples. 

I purchased from Etsy twice to buy Token and Customized keychain.

Make sure to read the reviews before you purchase any type of gift. 

Now onto birthday gift ideas for long distance relationships that doesn’t require any money 

14- Shoot a video of yourself

Just you and your smile is enough to make your long distance partner’s heart melt. 

Record a video of yourself saying Happy Birthday.

You can also combine it with idea number 6 or 8. 

If you happen to have mutual friends make sure to include them on the video as well. 

15- Play together a game online

Even the most creative birthday ideas for long distance relationships doesn’t require anything but a passion for the same thing. 

Plan a time together to play a game together or even better check out this post I wrote on online games for long distance relationship couples

16- Birthday party online 

Celebrating creative birthday gift ideas for long distance relationship

This is not what you might think it is. 

A simple cake with a candle and live call to sing them a happy birthday and wishing them the best will do it. 

You can also pre-record this as a birthday surprise or plan to celebrate it together. 

17- Watching their favorite movies

Who said you have to spend any money to make your partner feel special on this day. 

If you run out of options then this birthday gift idea is for you. 

Choose your partner’s favorite movie and prepare snacks to enjoy along watching. 

You can choose to play movies at the same time or,  you can sync movies together to make it extra fun. 

There are websites for that but I haven’t personally tried any of them. 

Just search for sync movies together. 

18- Something they need 

Stop yourself for a moment or two and think of a few things your partner could need on this day. 

And no it doesn’t have to involve money.

It could be that you both talk on the phone or video call for hours. 

Make the time for them on this day, especially, if you both have crazy schedules most of the time. 

What creative birthday ideas for long distance relationships will you choose?

The next time your long distance partner’s birthday arrives, you have many options to choose from. 

Remember that no matter what you choose to give your LDR partner they’ll appreciate that you thought about them no matter how far apart you are. 

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